Build of 1973 Datsun 240Z 

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As found during teardown, the car was not quite as described. We knew that we where going to change few things and though the level of some of the rust was unexpected from what  it was promised we knew we would be looking at  replacing and or patching some parts of the sheet metal.
There was also a time window of 4 months to rebuild the car and get it back to running condition hence the build was split into 2 phases.

Phase 1 was to rebuild the car by correcting any metal deficiencies that where due to the age of the car and prepare it for power upgrade
Phase 2  was to upgrade power plant in the car. this involved preparing engine bay by fabricating new mounts to the engine. Running new fuel lines, electrical and exhaust and anything that was missed or skipped in phase 1

Phase 1
 Part 1 - Rust replacement
 Part 2 - Chassis reinforcement  and  upgrades
 Part 3 - Body work / Paint
 Part 4 - Do dats

Phase 2
 Part 1 - Engine bay cleaning up
 Part 2 - New donor engine
 Part 3 - Electrical

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