Build of 1973 Datsun 240Z 

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Dash trinkets came in today... will have to start wiring them up now in the evenings and finalize dash wiring harness.


I'll have to put a lens back in front to prevent dust getting into the bezels




Got bit bored and with the new guages there really is no location where to put the indicator / dummy / idiot lights.
A small bulge on top of the steering colum is perfect location and it will not take visability away from the guages and still be functional.


Those Halogen lights are pitifully dim even at their fullest power consumption. New fiberglass fixtures are going to be fabricated and HID projectors be installed into them.


Slowly moving forward. Dash semi mounted in. Interconnecting dash sub harness, just need to tie up speedo signal and OBD connector followed by dash (heater) controls and finally radio etc... if any




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