Build of 1973 Datsun 240Z 


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Since this engine swap is more for having "fun" there is number of options on the engine that are not necessary nor the 1973 car even had the necessary provision. ie power steering and AC. There are few other minor items that will be changed on the LS1 or mainly on the PCM and exhaust sides. Out of factory the Camaro came out with number of engine management and some performance and environmental factors in mind namely catalytic. Those converters will not be used during the swap and secondary O2 sensors be removed from the system. Exhaust system will be overhauled to include shorty headers and dual stainless 2.5" exhaust with "X pipe" in the middle where will be mated to 06 GTO mufflers in the back.
For now lets start with the new power plant


Since the 240 does not have AC nor power steering the 2 pumps need to be removed from the stock configuration. Since the AC pump runs of off dedicated belt, removing it poses no difficulties and is not in the picture. Steering pump on the other hand is part of the main surpentine belt and requires shorter belt and different idler pulley on the generator side.



After removing steering pump, idler pulley was replaced with NAPA part # 38009 in favor of ribbed 6 micro ribbed and new 55.25 inch belt NAPA part # 060547






Got some time today to strip rest of the front sheet metal, electrical harness and clutch line. I can now try to put the engine in and make engine mounts for it.
But I think I'll wait till the engine is mounted to finish with the upper front cage bars, re-located battery tray, etc etc .......




As part of the swap, clutch master cylinder has to be swaped as well since the original Datsun will not have enough of displacement for the Camao slave cylinder.

Datsun  0.865" diameter
Camaro 0.975" diameter

Both move same amount so the travel of the plunger is of no concern. Major problem is the way the Camaro cylinder is mounted and length of it.
After some debating and looking around and measuring, there are 3 alteration that will be required to adopt the Camaro piston to Datsun mount and pedal. First adapter will need to be made which will bolt up to the studs on the firewall, Then the adapter will be boxed in and another surface be made to match Camaro mounting surface of the piston and welded on kinda strange angle to the boxed adapter (red). Second the piston rod needs to be shortened between the green lines and re-welded. Last modification is changing the helm joint for the old style double plate and nut arrangement which will attach to the pedal lever in the cabin.



New radiator came in today. It fits between the rails perfectly and right onto factory mounting holes. It does hang bit lower but it it is still protected by lower flame cross member



Today fuel filter / regulator from early 99-03 Corvette came in. ACDelco part # GF822  10299143.
With its built in 45psi regulator and return line, fuel rail will be inter connecter with  factory original lines and the filter will be mounted to fender wall to one of the Datsun original weld nuts. Supplying fuel will be simplified and reduced to single 3/8 line. One problem with the filter is that all connections are quick connect, the 2 connections to the engine are of no concern as they utilize original piping but feed line will need to be modified in some way.

HHHH sender was busted. Not sure where it happened, all I know is I was as care full about it as I could. Sucker not cheep either









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