Build of 1973 Datsun 240Z 

 Home Upgrade

We did not wanted to alter any of the body lines by altering size of fenders that are normally changed by other builds by adding huge bolt on bumps that just look stupid nor slicing the quarters and bulging it that way as it ultimately change the lines as well. We did however wanted to change some of the smaller things on the car by either removing certain things like budging on the C posts, re locating gas filler and getting rid of the push button on the rear hatch.
We also wanted to make few upgrades to the car and mainly they involved suspension and brake upgrade. The 35 year old technology it may had been good at the time however they had evolved over the years.

 Roll cage
 Suspension / Coil overs / roll bar
 Differential R200
 Brake upgrade
Fuel tank

In 2016 after not being completely happy nor really having liked the way emergence / parking brake was made and as part of the engine rebuild / overhall plus couple other items at same time. Decided was made to look into removing the line lock that was originally setup during original rebuild with proper cable driven brake. This meant putting the original handle back in and rest of the cana lever transition and connection to the cable.
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