Build of 1973 Datsun 240Z 

Home Upgrade Head lights  

The Headlights in the car may had been good at one time however I wanted to bring them up to a bit more modern day. The 7" round lights fit in there nice and to make any thing different would require total rebuild of the front and most likely mess up the classic look of the car. There are tons of after market bolt in replacement lights, some are multi beam and filament LED light modules with angel eyes and turn signals which the updated harness had been wired for when it was rebuild during initial rewire  during engine replacement/upgrade. 
Decided to have original round look but use Bi-Xenon main light modules. This will give the main lo/hi beam at much brighter light output and also incorporate ring for marker lights as Day Time Running Lights and extra orange filament for turn signal.

The problem with the HID modules is that its much deeper then the factory stamped bucket and that it needs driver ballast for the HID bulb. There is pleanty or space for deeper bucket but the problem is to have it remade out of metal which might have had been lots of trial and error of work and may not work at the end. or make a completely new bucket. the new bucket idea apealed more as we could contour it to shape that  was best suited for the need and the natural choice was to make it out of fiberglass.
Had made plug for the bucket some time ago when reach speaker shelf was being make along with the right rear sail panel. One sample of the bucket was made and was abandoned for some time. However as the engine was rebuild decided to finish the lights.
Originally the thought was to make adaptor for the round light module, however as its most likely will never be used decided to just make the adapter to the HID projector and rest of the lights.

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