Build of 1973 Datsun 240Z 

Home Upgrade Brake Rear
  Just like front breaks, we started with a kit from ArizonaZcar and modified / converted the shock tubes into coil over setup. One thing that that was always in the air was the eBrake setup as the kit s only provision was line lock setup which in essence is a hydraulic pressure lock in the rear calipers. Tried looking at Wilwood Mechanical Spot calipers. Couple major problems with those calipers are the way they are mounted and slider quality  which was not very alligned maybe someone missed something during manufacturing but 2 for 2 they are POS of how they are mounted. Other problem is how the cable is being attached to them and reference for sheathing of the cable. One more problem is rattle of the pads and adjustment.  Normally Wilwood ca

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