Build of 1973 Datsun 240Z 

    Intake tube Tally


Date Time    
Oct 10 2016 1 Glued up some foam blocks to start with the form  
Oct 11 1 shaped roughly contours of the tube, need the filter to get metter idea on size of the tube  
Oct 21 0.5 glued on extra foam  
Oct 28 2 made up cardboard template for filter opening as guide for the tube and layed out plaster  
Nov 1 1 sanded down and filled up the tube to give maximum clearance to the hood  
Nov 7 1 trimmed down outlet tube to size of MAF sensor, sanded down and filled in area around the radious to mount. covered some of the exit tube section  
Nov 8 1 contoured neck made MAF diameter and filled in filler around the neck  
Nov 10 1 contoured the neck  
Nov 11 0.5 sanded down the tube cleared some of the exposed foam and refilled voids  
Nov 12 0.5 Sanded down rough filler from day before and adjusted exit by MAF for mounting dimension  
Nov 13 0.5 sanded down and primed, ready for proportioning and final fillers after primer dries  
Nov 15 0.5 made proportions better left to right and skim coated  
Nov 16 0.5 identified clearance for intake to hood for low and high areas. Sanded down and refilled filling up removed thin areas and build up to maximize air flow  
Nov 17 0.5 sanded down and skim coated low areas  
Nov 18 0.5 adjusted clearances and refilled low spots  
Nov 20 0.5 sanded down, did not liked the way exit tube for MAF looked like on bottom. refilled the area for better flow  
Nov 22 0.5 sanded down fill-up and refilled low spots  
2017-05-18 0.5 Getting ready for mold making. sanded down any sharp corners and made a cutout on top to make recess for badge on the air intake tube to cover up bolt  
2017-05-22 0.5 sanded down and filled on badge hole and bolt hole on bottom

23 0.5 sanded down and painted, almost done, just need center done and all corners nice and sharp


qty Part #


usd Cost cdn
1 E-0782 K&N  corvette air filter  



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