Build of 1973 Datsun 240Z 

    Engine ReFresh Tally


Not sure if its good idea but rather then later and forgetting things may as well start it and see how things add up. Time is theoretically free though its still needs to be accounted for. However parts, materials and service ie rebuilding the engine is definitely something that needs to be accounted for. So here it goes ...


qty Part #


usd Cost cdn
1 120-12070-BK Left MC-4 caliper  
1 120-12069-BK Right MC-4 caliper  


1 Locar EC-80FU Universal cable set for MC-4 calipers 218.00
1   Original OEM brake handle 0
2   Rear caliper adapter plates                                                                                                cutting 291.54
                                                                                                               milling 800


1   25' 3/16" steel brake tube 21.92
1   25' 5/16" steel tube for EVAP line back to tank ( no vapors in engine bay :-)  )  
1   double ended 18" 5/16" quick disconnect tube for EVAP solenoid 62.99
1   T56 Clutch alignment tool  inc shipping


    1 1/8 hole saw 0
    Engine re-build 3234.16
    engine oil     coolant      oil filter   trans oil 81.65
    new thermostat 0
    Spark plugs 49.68
    exhaust gaskets 86.19
    transmission mount                                                   19.16+29.34 50.05
    remake nut inserts and readjust offset for mounts 200.00


Date Time    
May 22 2 started disassembly  
May 23 2 continued disassembly  
May 25 2.5 Finished disconnecting engine  
may 27 2 Finally pulled the engine out  
may 29 1 pulled off all accessories and intake manifold from the engine, she is ready to ship out  
Jun 4 1 dropped engine at machine shop and put a deposit on labour  
Jun 11 1.5 fixed short part of the electrical body harness in the engine bay that had part of the engine harness going through same grommet in the firewall. Made cardboard extension to the rear brake mounting plate to combine the eBrake caliper.  
Jun 13 1 Disconnected half shaft pulled stub shaft and removed mounting plate from the hub carrier  
Jun 25 4.5 Took apart rear brake line and prepped hand brake. Started verifying harness  
Jun 26 2 Finished with engine harness verification  
Jun 30 1.5 Started with fixing errors on the engine harness  
Jul 1 3  started bending up new tubes for EVAP and brake lines. finished modifying engine harness  
Jul 2 4 Finished EVAP and brake line tubes  
Jul 27 0 Engine came in from shop  thank you very much Doug for delivery  
Aug 6 2 put on starter, crank pulley, flywheel and clutch and dropped trans onto it, Gave a quick engine bay wash  
Aug 9 1 Started making ebrake transition adapter from handle lever to cable  handle  
Aug 13 4.5 Mounted engine back in the car, reassembled intake and radiator  
Aug 16 2 mounted radiator and cooling hoses, finished wiring engine and mounted PCM and battery tray. run cable inside cabin  
Aug 25 1.5 buffed out caliper brackets,  started welding up eBrake lever  
Sep 3 3 Wrapped exhaust headers with heat tape
Sep 7 1 bolted headers onto the engine
Sep 12 3 made up ebrake transition adapter
sep 15 2 cut eBrake cable for right side and mounted everything in
sep 17 2 cut ebrake cable and swapped and mounted calipers on left side
sep 20 1.5 assembled ebrake cables tied everything up into chassis and connected it into handle. bolt back up drive shaft
sep 21 2 filled trans / covered shifter hole.   wrapped exhaust tubes to flex pipes and hung
sep 22 1 Finished all exhaust work,  found rear rims rubbing on parking caliper   bummer   :(  need to find fix
sep 24 2 made up temporary spacers and mounted wheels on. Ordered  15mm spacers to fix problem. Filled up with coolant.    She RUNS once again.  Idles nice starts properly. Most imortally.  no tail smoke
Oct 19 2 swapped out transmission mount
  58.5 total not counting for driving around and dropping or picking up parts from different places


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